Monday, July 04, 2011


Have you discovered Pinterest yet?
Do you have your own Pinterest boards?
If not, I strongly recommend taking a look.
I used to bookmark interesting blogs, and bits and bobs that I found when hopping around the internet. All too soon I had a long list of favourites, and could never remember exactly where I saw someting that was lurking in the deep recesses of my mind. So I would start going through my favorites, and invariably would not find said item. But pinterest solves this problem. It is a virtual pinboard, where you can pin items that you are interested in. The best thing about it is that the item is always linked back to where you found it. Bookmarking has never been easier!
It is all explained more clearly here

And if you want to see what I have pinned you can click that little red button at the top right of my blog.
You can look at boards without registering, but if you want to start your own boards you need an invitation. You can ask for an invitation on the site, or ask a member to invite you to join.

I'm happy to invite you-just leave me a message in your comment.

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sutty said...

Just found you pinterest...only just started using it and finding my away around - love your boards though :)