Friday, July 08, 2011

The tidy up Part 1

My scrapping area has been driving me nuts!
Things have piled up, stuff is in front of other stuff and stuff is where it shouldn't be. I struggle to find the  things I need to do anything creative.  And so I've not been scrapping. I know it doesn't look that bad in these photos. Although it's relatively tidy,  it isn't organised, and that's why I can't find things, and that's why I haven't been scrapping.
Well, this corner by the desk is a midden-that's a good old Scottish word for a tip!
I've just been dumping stuff that doesn't have a place in this corner, and pretending it's not there.
But, enough is enough!
So this week I've been on a mission to get it organised so I can concentrate on making things, instead of feeling depressed by it all.
The problem is I've run out of drawer and shelf space. Two drawers in this area contain stuff that's not to do with scrapping-batteries, telephone directories etc, so I figured that stuff could be relocated to the other end of this room-the kitchen end.
Only problem was, there was no space in the kitchen end. So, before I could start my craft reorganisation, I had to reorganise my entire kitchen! That took two days of emptying all the cupboards, purging stuff, scrubbing the cupboards inside and  out, relocating and rearranging stuff. But I did end up with two empty drawers.
All that had a knock on effect to my laundry cupboard though, so that had to be done too!

Finally though, I was able to begin on the craft end of the room.
I started on the corner midden, and now it's looking a lot more respectable:
Mind you, out of sight of the camera is a big laundry basket containing stuff the doesn't have a home yet!

Today I'm going to start on the shelf units...although the sun seems to be shining, and in Scotland, when the sun shines, it's very wise to go outside and take advantage of it- who knows when we'll see it next?

Maybe I'll tackle the weeds in the garden instead..


Ali said...

I think you should be proud of yourself - not only does your 'midden' seem to have disappeared but you have a freshly springcleaned kitchen and laundry room - go you! Enjoy it - the crafting or the weeding ;)

Julia said...

Oh Pam well done you. I know how you feel as I have been feeling much the same. Mojo seems to have gone but I think it's because I have so much stuff around me I can't see the wood for the trees so to speak. So I too have been on a mission to tidy up and clear away things I don't need.
Good luck with the rest of it and hope you get sorted doon so you can get back to scrapping!

Kat said...

Well done, Pam! Looks great! I will start in my study/scraproom after the Shuttle Launch - there's lots of paper stuff that needs recycling anyway (non-crafty stuff). Just have to figure out a way of storage to keep my clear stamps sorted. :o

Emilie said...

I would love to have such a wide and organised place! you lucky girl!

vixen said...

Well done on the tidying, your room is looking fab :)

Claireliz said...

Well done Pam! I really need to reorganise my craft space, I always have so much more mojo after a good tidy up.

Sue said...

Looks great..i don't know where to start! I can't even GET to some of my stash as there is more piled up blocking it..well done you !