Monday, July 11, 2011

The Tidy up Part 2

I thought I would show you a few of my drawers, and you can see how a few changes can make a big difference.
First up is my paint drawer. Before, the paints were all mixed up. By getting rid of the two big baskets, and using two smaller ones instead I've made the paints much more accessible. All the bottles of paint are standing with the paint colour dabbed on top of the lid for easy selection. It will also be easy to shuffle through the tubes of paint to find the colour I need.

 Second up is my paint applicators. I use anything from old plastic credit type cards, all different size brushes, or sponges to apply paint. This drawer had become a real mess as you can see from the before picture. I had too many brushes, so I've thinned my collection down, so everything is now much easier to find.

And finally, for today, my favourite bit of reoganisation-the ink/spray/stickles etc drawer! This drawer previously held telephone directories and other household bits, which have now been relocated to a kitchen drawer (following my reorganisation of those!)
My sprays, inks etc were previously all housed in a variety of containers in a variety of locations. But now, here they are, all together, easy to see at a glance, and easy to identify the desired colour too. I found some sticky felt circles in my clean up. I think they are for putting on chair legs etc to stop them scratching the floor. Anyway, I've put them to good use on the tops of my mist sprays, giving each one a squirt of colour. So now I can easily find the colour I need. Also in this drawer are stickles (upside down for ease of use and colour selection), Alcohol inks (under the box of H2Os), mica powders, and other types of mediums like crackle glaze etc. I love this drawer-I know it is going to save me so much time finding things!

So, what do you think?


vixen said...

Looking great, looks like you have been busy.

Sue said...

What do I think?? PLEASE come round here ..seriously I need your help!

Mole said...

Looks all very organised - puts my room to shame!

Angie said...

So tidy and organized ....for how long ???? xx

Julia Dunnit said...

I think it's loking watching with interest..about to turn my space into a shared office space (long overdue, but office-y stuff all over house driving me MAD) am interested in any sorting that others are doing. Makes me feel less alone and put upon!! The third of your drawers will be invaluably useful in such an organised manner - all you have to do now is promise to keep it like that. Easy. !!

Anonymous said...

Great organisation.

Fifi-T said...

Looking great, but I think you were tidier than I am in the first instand :(

Claireliz said...

So very tidy, if I made you cake, would you please come & sort my stuff out :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Poss found your blog once again, such a great feelin to get everything organised isn't it, looking good, we are enjoying lots of frosts at present in our neck of the woods in Oz, cheers love, pansypam x