Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Another mini...and What have I done to my blog?

..I was trying to redesign my blog so that I had tabs at the top to link to different things. (I've managed to link to my flickr photo stream), but in doing so the background template no longer fits, and so the blog design is really strange.
So why is my header no longer centred, and how do I centre it?
And how can I get the background to start at the top, like it used to, instead of starting further down the page and looking really silly?
Any ideas on how to remedy this will be greatly appreciated!

So here's another kit project I had stashed away.
It too is a Rusty Pickle Kit, although I have added some Kaisercrafts and other bits. All the pages are corrugated cardboard, giving the album a lovely rustic feel, perfect for camping or outdoor activity photos.


File folder flips open for more photos:

Tags for extra bits:
It is a really cute album!


Kate said...

It's a very cute album. Sorry I can't help with the blog problem, I am only just learning how to use this new improved blog thing myself. I am sure when I added tabs and had a scrappy background I lost the top of it too, that's why I lost the background and kept the tabs. Not as pretty but means I can separate my life a little bit. Good luck finding a solution :)

vixen said...

sorry not much help on the blog design but just wanted to pop by and say love your album its brilliant :)

Ali said...

You are right, it is really cute, and you've added so many lovely bits.

Julia said...

Can't help with the blog Pam but I do love your mini album!!!

Emilie said...

Hey Pam! Great mini album! Love the colour scheme!
For you blog, go in design, templates, advenced.
There, put the colour code for every backgrounds as the same (mine is #fafafa), it gives a sort of white. For the links at the top of the screen I can't help you anymore...
Hence I did put my links on the right hand side bar...
Really, it's all about playing around and see what fits and a lot of googling...