Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A layout...and some ruminations...

Today was a rainy, dreich Edinburgh day-more Autumn than summer, so I stayed indoors.
I decided to take a look through my scrapbook albums, something I rarely do, and actually I was quite concerned to see album after album of layouts about Emily, and only two albums of Jack.
Yes, he was there in family scrapbook pages, but not that many pages that feature him.
I got to thinking about why that was, and have come up with a reason, and that reason relates to Design Teams.
I have been on Design Teams on and off ever since I started scrapping, which is great because I get lots of yummy stash to play with-who can argue with that? I love being on Design Teams. I love the surprise of not knowing what you will be asked to design with, or about. I thrive on the challenge.

The thing is though, when you design for someone else, the focus tends to be on the products-after all, that's what designing is all about-showcasing product. And a lot of product in the scrapping world is girlie-flowers, ribbons, gems etc, so naturally I have gravitated to photos of Emily.
Additionally, I have felt obliged to use my best photographs for DT work, and those photographs have been my most recent photos. Emily will generally give me 5 minutes of her time, and I can get a halfway decent photo of her to use.
Jack, on the other hand, won't look at the camera, and definitely won't smile, and it has been like that for the past 5 years.

My kids were little in the age before digital cameras. Film was relatively expensive, and so not as many photos were taken. Plus my photography skills were nil! What this means is that a lot of my kids' childhoods is documented in out of focus photos, photos that are poorly lit, and photos where the kids are a tiny spot in a large landscape. Photos that I deemed unworthy of a place on Design Team layouts. Take a look at manufacturers Design Team layouts, and you will see page after page of photos of kids-gorgeous photos of kids, close up, catch lights in the eyes, all very pretty. And that has influenced my scrapbook pages!
Up until now!

I have decided that I will unearth all those not so good snaps-the ones that contain actual memories, and real stories, and that is what I'm going to scrap-and in doing so I'll also redress the balance between Jack and Emily's scrapbooks.
And so today, because it was such a dreich day here, I scrapped, and now there is one more layout to add to Jack's scrapbooks.

I scanned this photo to my computer, enlarged it, and then cropped a lot of the background out.
I also used up old stash including MM journalling pages, Lil Davis, SEI, Kaisercrafts, and Fancy Pants.
The background cardstock looks grey here, but is actually cream.

Wow-what a long rant!!


Angie said...

Mine were young in the '70's when slides were the thing ....we took so many of DD but by the time we had DS money was short as was time and so few were taken of him ...I feel so guilty. I really ought to get prints and do some LO's'
This LO is brilliant ...the photo hits you first then the background...then a closer look reveals the complexity and work done to create this fantastic piece. can I add a WOW too.xx

Anonymous said...

Interesting post - glad the not so perfect photos are getting a look in - I agree that those sories need telling - and I love your page!

Sue said...

I know what you mean - mine are teens now and NONE of them like to be photographed and even my daughter has this "facebook " pose that I hate!
Good luck with all the scanning
Great layout BTW!

fatmonica said...

Great layout!I like your idea of scarpping the not so good photos because they to me are the real reflection of life in action rather than posed photos.

Ali said...

Very good explanation and love your 'redress' it looks great.

Anonymous said...

Well done poss love this

Julie Ann Shahin said...

I totally get it. I'm not a Mom, but an Auntie. My older nephew and nieces won't let me take their photos, and generally don't want to spend time with us, just their friends... so all my photography is of my little nephew! I so know what you mean. Then most of my pages end up being actually about me, because the products are so girly! It's process of elimination. Thanks for the blog love. xoxo

Meg Giroux said...

I absolutely love this layout!!!!!

Meg Giroux said...

I absolutely love this layout!!!!!

sutty said...

Beautiful page - love the papers you have used and the twine flowers - so much to look at. I've scanned some old shots in and then manipulate them a bit so they look less faded - they come out nicely.

Christina Carnoy said...

Beautiful layout!

tea_bag said...

wow just love this LO