Monday, August 15, 2011

Some cards, and a chance to win...

I don't consider myself to be a cardmaker, but I made some anyway:

Twin baby girls card:

 Thank You cards:

I really love this one:

Here's another view which better shows the embossing and texture of the card:

And over at Scrapagogo there's a chance to win some bespoke Design cards.
And why not sign up to the Scrapagogo forum?
You don't have to be a subscriber to the kits to join in the forum-it's open to anyone interested in scrapping!!


Ali said...

I think you've just proved you are a very good card maker - beautiful, so light and delicate.

Christina Carnoy said...

very cute cards!!!

Kat said...

And those cards did/do come in very handy, Pam!! :) Thanks again for your gifts. Love the card layouts.