Saturday, August 06, 2011

Twin baby album

I made this little album for someone who has just given birth to twin girls:


Here's how it's made:
Covers-I used mountboard. The back cover is about 10" x 6", and the front covers are half that.
 Cover with paper and ink edges:

Make two accordian folded strips from cardstock about 5.5" by 9", like this:

Glue the 'mountains' together, like this:

 Adhere the bottom flap of the accordian fold to the inside of the back cover, on both sides, then cover with patterned paper:

It should look like this:

Cover your inner pages front and back with paper:

Adhere the inner pages to the accordian spine, like this:

Try to make your patterned papers match across the pairs of pages:

Then adhere your front covers:
Lastly decorate the cover and the inside pages. I couldn't add too much to the inside as it would limit the photos that could be added.
But I did add lace strips to cover the exposed accordian spine on the backs of the pages.
If I make this type of album again, I'll add the patterned paper to the backs of the pages after the album is assembled, because I don't like the look of the exposed spine.
Alternatively, I could use pretty paper for the accordian spine as a design element.
Also, I would cut the accordian slightly shorter than the length of the page so the spine is completely covered-I think that would look so much nicer.
Another thing I did was to wrap a strip of lace around the spine. It makes it look pretty, covers up the accordian and gives a more finshed appearance.

Nearly everything used in this album is from Kaisercrafts.


Glen said...

I'm loving those mini albums of yours Pam. Very cute. *Ü* Re: your blog header etc. I wonder if you went to 'help' to see if you can click on a default and get your blog back to where it was before and then see if you can add your links at the top again.
Like you, I have spent this past week having a clean up and have found some projects from a while back. It's like having a whole bunch of goodies to play with again.*Ü* TFS. ~Glen~

Sarah said...

That's a gorgeous minibook! I've never seen them made like that before, but it's a great way! x

Ali said...

Very pretty, what a lovely idea for twins.

Sue said...


Dan said...

Great job with the mini book, and great instructions too - thanks! :)

Elaina said...

A nice little book, thanks for the instructions

Anonymous said...

Wow & double WOW, love this will be making one thanks for the tut, will have to start calling you g Poss x

Kat said...

Hi Pam, got your presents, thank you sooo much!

Wanted to thank you on Facebook, but somehow cannot see your "Wall", and then got "run over" by the duties of a new twin mum again.

LOVE the album, and the Thank you cards are fab too - definitely come in very handy!!

Thanks again!! :D

chrissy o said...

this is beutiful m going to follow your instructions to make on
thanks so much
hugs chrissy o

Anonymous said...

~Could you please tell me at what measurements do we score for the spine... thank you... fab book btw x

Pam said...

The spine is scored at 1.5 cm intervals-or 2 cm would work too.