Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Art journal

It's a while since I posted an art journal page. My art journal is a collage style journal-mostly just stuck in bits. That way I can whip up a page in about 5 minutes flat!! And without making a paint, inky mess!!
I often do a page at the end of another project, as I'm clearing away scraps. I just grab the scraps, and some adhesive and stick on bits and pieces.
By the end I have my original project, and art journal page, and my work space is cleared!! Win, Win!!

Yesterday I was working on a commission for some cards for Simply Cards and Papercrafts. My journal page will give you a hint of what the cards might looks like!!


Julie said...

What have you started I wonder!Inspired by your journal page this morning,I have gone and treated myself to a book to create my own. I often wonder what to do with all the tiny off cuts that card making leaves behind and squirrel them away only to end up throwing them at a later date and feeling guilty. That's about to change! Thanks Pam for the new chapter!xxx

Emilie said...

This is such a great idea! My craft space is so messy! Love the use of the Gogo stamp again!