Friday, May 11, 2012

Another Image Transfer technique

Last weekend I made two projects using image transfer techniques. This One which I showed last Tuesday, was a gel transfer. I have done quite a few gel transfers now. I love doing them, but I wanted to try something different this time.

So I printed an image of my daughter onto a transparency. I has already collaged a piece of chipboard with a variety of papers. So I misted the collaged background, pressed the ink side of the transparency onto the collaged background, and burnished the ink onto the background. The result was rather impressionistic, and may work better for a different type of photo-maybe a garden, rather than a portrait. If I was doing the same technique with a portrait again I would probably paint or collage a plain spot for where the head was placed. As it was, there is print coming through Emily's face, and it doesn't look very nice. Also Emily was not really standing out against the background, so I used some watercolours around her to add some definition and shadow.

Finally. I added some stamping, inking and rub ons. Overall I'm pretty happy with the result.
It's nice and  grungy and textural.
What do you think?

And I have some more backgrounds waiting for images to be applied this wet and miserable weekend!!


Carmen said...

I really like it - it reminds me a bit of Sarah Hickeys work

Will have to try this :)

fatmonica said...

Love it,it's a fabulous effect.

sutty said...

Love all the texture it looks amazing (my son who is helping me hop around says he likes the detail and went oooo when I opened your page)

Ali said...

Not wet or miserable here, but hope you have fun with your next projects, this one is lovely.

Shoshi said...

Love it - great textures and colours, well set off by the contrast of the black.

Thanks for your comment on my blog - glad you found it interesting. Most people have absolutely no idea what it's all about and it's high time for the ignorance to stop - hence the Awareness Day!