Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Misting, masking, and making a mess...

On the weekend I had the urge to do something a little different, so I decided to do some image transfers. The previous weekend I had taken some photos at Dean Cemetery in Edinburgh. Edinburgh has the BEST graveyards, full of sculptures, grand monuments, carving-all sorts, and they make for interesting photos.

So I selected three photos and  printed them on a laser printer. Our laser printer only prints black and white, but since these photos were pretty much monochramatic anyway, black and white was OK. I used gel medium to transfer the images, onto a collaged background of music paper, book paper, and some old scrapbook paper too. Then I used watercolour and acrylic paint, stamps, bronzing powder, and texture paste (not necessarily in that order!) to build up layers.

This is the result:

 And some details:
The gold bronzing powder adds a subtle sheen that is very difficult to see in a photo.

You can see how the bronzing powder highlights the brush strokes here. This photo was taken in the sun so you can see how the bronzing powder glows:

The texture paste through a stencil:

Sorry about the variations in the colour-some of the photos were taken in shade, and some in the sun so some look warm, and some cold.
Anyway, I had fun doing this project, and it's something different to do with photos.

I will post another project I did using  a different image transfer technique later on in the week, so if you enjoyed this post, pop back later to have a peek!


Sue said...

Wow..thats beautiful.

Deborah said...

Pam, that's just stunning!!

Angelnorth said...

Beautiful layering of elements here - lovely piece!

POSH SCOT said...

Fantastic piece, and I love the imagery you used.

Lou x

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

Beautiful layers and images and all that messy fun has a wonderful end produce

fatmonica said...

Fabulous!I've never managed a successful image transfer and am so jealous of this!

Christine said...

What a wonderful piece of work! The transfer is impressive, and you have added so much detail that there is always something more to see, each time I look at it.

I have never tried a laser transfer - mine are inkjet and rather hit-and-miss!

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, it is much appreciated!

vixen said...

wow stunning, never tried image transfer before. your results look great :)

Emilie said...

Oh wow Pam! This is sooo gorgeous!

Claireliz said...

These are stunning Pam.
C xx