Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sketch Layout

I love to use sketches-they make creating a layout so easy, and yet still allow for your individual take.
Well, most of the time that's true, but I have to confess that this layout took a long time to come together. There always seemed to be something missing, but I just kept at it, adding bit s and pieces until I finally ended up with a layout that I'm happy with!
The photo was taken in Barcelona.

Stamping around the photo to give it a frame, and the compass rub on.:

That very cute silhouette washi tape, embroidered flower, stamping, rub on and some gems.

Some misting with glimmer mists and acrylic paint and a rub on.

The sketch came from here: 
If you want some inspiration check out the blog!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Laundry Layout

It may seem strange to make a scrapbook page about a laundry, but this laundry features strongly in my memory. Often, when I think of my mother, I see her in this setting. The laundry of our home was a tin shed in our back yard. In the summer the heat was oppressive, and in the winter it was freezing. The automatic washing machine is a relatively recent addition. Throughout my childhood my mother used a wringer washing machine. After washing, the items would be put by hand through the mangle into the first lot of rinsing water in the concrete tubs in the photo. After soaking there, it was put through the mangle again, into the second lot of rinsing water. Then finally through the mangle a third time into the basket to be hung out on the line. There were seven of us kids, so my mother spent a lot of time doing the washing. Sometimes, if it was hot, I liked to help with the rinsing because the cold water in the tubs provided some relief from the heat. However in the winter there was nothing inviting about putting your hands into the cold rinsing water! The laundry also had a gas copper. Mum would fire up the copper in the morning so she had hot water for the sheets. These would boil away in the copper-along with a bag of 'blue' to ensure the washing was white. I have no idea what 'blue' was, but I remember it came in blocks and mum would put a block of it in an old sock and immerse it in the copper.

In the summer the washing would dry stiff on the clothes line. Mum would bring the washing in and flick water over each item, roll it up and put it into a plastic lined baskets, ready for ironing. So many hours of her life were spent in this laundry.
I find it hard to believe that mum did her washing here for over 50 years, under such primitive conditions, and that no one thought it was unusual.

To think that I complain about the amount of washing my son generates, when all I have to do is throw it into a machine and press a button-all from the comfort of the inside of my home!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Step by Step- a new layout..

So yesterday I had an idea for a layout-but like most of my design ideas, it got lost in translation, and the layout I ended up with is nothing like the one I had in my head when I began. Funny how that happens!

So here it is:

This is the process for making this layout:

I started with an old piece of Kaisercrafts paper from The La Di Dah range
First-a spot of misting. I misted a plastic grid with brown glimmer mist, then upended it onto the paper to take a print.
 When that was dry I used a Tim Holtz Colour wash spray and a leaf stencil to randomly place some leaf shapes.

 After that I began to place some patterned paper. The blue is the inside of an envelope.

 Then the photos and a bit more paper and some words cut from a story book-The Little Red Hen-and a wee picture of said hen!

 Added some shading around some elements, and some white pen detail.

 And the journalling on some white strips of correction fluid:

And a cute strawberry button from July's Scrapagogo kit, and a bit of stamping with a chicken wire stamp from Prima..

Thursday, August 02, 2012

It's all about Colour!!

I've really been enjoying my scrapping the last couple of weeks. No doubt that's got a lot to do with the fact that I'm on holiday, and the weather has been so poor that I can scrap guilt free! So today I thought I would make a layout to enter into a scrap challenge. Challenges are great for getting the creative juices flowing I think.

 The challenge I chose is this one, and the challenge was to use these colours:
The colours were perfect for photos I took last week at the Jazz and Blues Festival opening here in Edinburgh, and with all those feathers on the costumes, it was only fitting that my layout should feature some feathers too!
Lots of ink stained fingers later (Lots of ink, more than lots of fingers), and here is my layout:

This layout was a lot of fun to make, as I'm sure you will appreciate.

We ate our tea among all my scrappy stuff tonight.
As I scrap at our kitchen table, and I was in the middle of this layout at tea time, I was forced to clear a space for my poor long suffering husband to have his tea! 

Very elegant dining I must say!!