Tuesday, November 19, 2013

CSI 98

I'm playing along with CSI again this week. The colour palette this time was quite a challenge to me. I'm not a huge lover of pastel colours, and certainly not of apricot yellow, or purple, both of which were in the palette this week.
Here is the challenge:
and here is my layout:
I'm sure I'm not the only woman out there who longs for time and space, peace and quiet!
I decided to do a mixed media background for the layout. A few weeks back I had started a layout and not been happy with how it looked in the early stages. So I put it away and did something else instead. But I came across the discarded piece it while getting materials to make this layout, and decided to use it as the base for this challenge. This is what it looked like:
First some texture paste through a stencil:
Then some mists:
I didn't like it at this stage, so that's when I discarded it.
So I worked on it some more, with acrylic paints and mists, stamps and stencils for the CSI challenge..
Here are some close ups of the finished layout:
So, the lesson here is, don't discard what you are not happy with-you can always change and adapt for use in different projects.
I'd love you to comment and link me to your projects where you have done a similar revamp!


Lynn said...

I love what you did with your background. I'm glad you didn't throw it away! Your project is gorgeous!

Claireliz said...

This is really gorgeous Pam.
C xx

Val Thorpe said...

Pam great layout and I love the 'revamp' I certainly have a huge stack of layouts that I started and didn't like. They all go into a box to be used later in whatever capacity ;).. I love that leaf stencil and I would never guess that you didn't like the colours because you created a wonderful layout. Way to go.

Lizzyc said...

This looks wonderful.. your back ground definitely was worth altering, it looks amazing now.. and yes we all can relate to the let me get off the merry go round for a while thoughts!! It is great how we can revamp a page with all sorts of things.. should never throw anything out!!