Monday, March 31, 2014

Jelly Printing.

Mono-printing using a Gelli-plate is very popular just now, but the gelli-plate is fairly pricey. I didn't want to shell out on something I wasn't sure if I would get along with, so I decided to make a home-made version to play with to see what all the fuss is about. I have to say mono-printing is a lot FUN!!!

I thought I would share my recipe for making  your own jelly plate, as everything I found on-line referred to American products. So here's a version using UK products.

You need:

1 box of these:
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10 bottles of glycerine- 65p from Tesco (that's the cheapest I found)- But since I wrote this post it has been pointed out to me that I could have bought glycerine much cheaper from a chemist.

3 boxes (9 satchets) of powder gelatine (not leaf gelatine) £1.09 each
1. Eat all your Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Then line the plastic container with cling film. This will make it easier to remove your jelly plate when it sets.  OK-you don't HAVE to use a Ferrero Rocher box, but honestly, it's the perfect size and shape, and importantly it has a well fitting lid which will help to keep your plate clean between uses.
2. The recipe uses equal amounts of water and glycerine. So that's 380 ml of glycerine. Dissolve your 9 sachets of gelatine powder in 380 mls of hot water.
3. When your gelatine has dissolved stir in your 10 bottles of glycerine.
4. Allow the mixture to cool a little before pouring it into your mould.
5. Allow to set and cure for 24 hours before use.
6. Use the cling film to help you to remove the set jelly from the mould. 

I used a kitchen knife to cut 1 cm from the top and side of my my jelly plate to make it easier to put it back into the  mould between uses. I also keep the cling film lining to make it easier to remove it each time I want to use it. 

This is what my jellyplate looks like:

When I have finished using it, I just wipe it clean, and put it back into the Ferrero Rocher box with the lid on.  I store it in my craft area-no refrigeration is required providing it's not in a hot environment. Mine is now about 8 weeks old and shows no sign of deterioration. I believe the glycerine acts as a preservative.


Al Hannah said...
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Al Hannah said...
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massofhair said...

WOW Pam what a fab thing to share! I bought a Gelli plate but haven't used it yet (naughty me!) Must admit i would like a round one so will try your recipe when i can find an appropriate container.

Glycerine is approx £1.65 for 500g at Boots but there is a shortage due to the Fleather Phenomena sweeping the UK at the moment.
Thanks again:-) xxx

Judy Cullen said...

Can we have a demo of mono printing using your gelli pad?

karen cioffi said...

Oh wow that's fabulous and chocs too are obviously a must :) .....Thank you so much for sharing this xxx

Rosie MacLeod said...

Pam thanks so much for this. One of the few things I have managed to resist, but there're so many wonderful ideas around using it, that is definitely going on the to-do list - and near the top too!
Rosie x

Carol Phelps said...

Brilliant Pam! Must have a go! Thanks for sharing this!

Lucy Edmondson said...

Thank you so much for such a clear explanation. My first worry was if it would go mouldy and you have covered that. You made me laugh about the chocolates as I have to eat a lot of ice cream as I use the lids as paint palettes!

Lucy x

Emma said...

Cor Pam! By the time you've made that, you could have bought a mono plate like the one I saw at Alexander Palace for £13! Sometimes homemade isn't always cheaper!

Becky said...

My favorite part? Eat all the chocolates!! Yes, dear, I really DO have to buy these. :)

Sogo said...

Please, can you tell me the contents of your gelatine sachets? I found some in another make, and would like to know how much to use.
Thanks a lot for sharing your recipe!

pam thorburn said...

Sogo-the sachets I bought contain 3 sachets, each containing 12 grams of gelatine powder. But I don't think it's necessary to be too exact, as long as you make a very, very firm I used about 324 grams of gelatine, but it would work better perhaps with a bit more gelatine.

voodoo vixen said...

Yay, thanks Pam, I am definitely going to be trying this!

Ginger said...

Thank you for sharing this. x

cuppydoll said...

great recipe thanks for sharing !!!!!

PeppermintPatti said...

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the recipe. I was searching for a foolproof recipe after ending up with wallpaper paste when I tried to use vegetarian gelatin! I followed your recipe exactly (even the ferrero rocher box) and it turned out perfectly! I'm over the moon, i've saved about £30 (even allowing for my failed wallpaper paste mess). Thank you so much for sharing it 😊

Jules said...

Thank you so much for sharing this Pam .. .. have made one today with your recipe/instructions and looking forward to having a play with it!

Love Jules xx