Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Jelly printing Part 2

Yesterday I posted about the jelly printing plate I made. You can see that post here.
There were a couple of questions in relation to that post so I thought I'd add a bit more info tonight. The jelly plate allows mono-prints to be made. Mono meaning one-so only only print can be made. Any other impressions taken from the plate will all be different. No two impressions will be the same, hence the term mono-print. The print will be a 'one off'.

So now for the basics on making mono-prints using the jelly plate.
First you need some paint-I used Fresco paints from PaperArtsy, a brayer, and some paper-I just used copy paper. Actually,you don't need a brayer-you can brush the paint on, or dribble it, ar apply it any way you like. The brayer does however give a nice smooth finish.

Use the brayer to spread a film of paint onto the jelly plate. 

Place paper onto the pint and burnish down with your hand to take a print. This is what my first print looked like- a basic block of colour:

Add another layer of paint, then use masks, stencils, string, ripped paper-anything really to add pattern to your print. Again, place your paper face down and burnish again:

Again, place your paper face down and burnish once more:

The result: 

Add another layer of paint, and another stencil to the jelly plate and take another impression:

You can use string:

Here's what the jelly plate looked like after I took a print- I love that double line. Of course you can take another print from that, but it will be quite faint.

So here are some quick prints I made this when I got home from work today. These are so quick to make!

I'm still at the playing stage, but if you go on Youtube and search for gelli plate printing you will find lots of inspiration. It 's just nice to know you don't need to shell out £30-£40 for a plate-you can make one at home for around £5. And if your plate gets too scratched or pockmarked, you can pop the whole thing into the microwave, melt it down and reset it!

So, why not give it a go-it is a LOT of fun. If you do, I'd love you to leave a comment so I can check out your creations!


Claireliz said...

This is fantatsic Pam. Great tutorial.
C xx

Judy Cullen said...

This is amazing Pam. I will get my jelly pad started today. Not sure about eating the chocs though as I have lost 15 kg and am working really hard for a few more kg.

Virginia said...

Be warned these are addictive! Fab pages

fluffmum said...

Wonderful prints & a great,easy to understand pair of tutorials- thank you. Think all the visits to Tesco's will increase their sales deficits lol xx