Monday, October 06, 2014

Ghostly going ons...

With Hallowe'en rapidly approaching I thought I'd show you how to have some fun with your Hallowe'en photos by adding a ghost or two, so that you  end up with a photo a bit like this:

To create a photo like this you need things:

1. A tripod
2. A photo editing programme which uses layers. I used Photoshop Elements, but I believe GIMP, downloaded free from the internet, is very similar.

To make a ghostly photo you need to take your photos using a tripod. This is to ensure the scene in which your subject is placed remains exactly the same in each photo. You will photograph your model in different places within the same scene.

Then upload you photos to your editing programme.
 Drag one photo on top of the other-you will see the two photos open in the layers palette (right hand column):
In the layers palette click on the opacity tab. You will see an opacity slider-pull the slider to the left reduce the opacity of the top photo. You will notice the subject in both photos start to become transparent. Adjust the slider to the transparency you like. Mine was set at about 50%.

Your two photos should be perfectly aligned, but just to make sure zoom in to check. As you can see these photos are slightly misaligned. If you have that problem you need to find the move tool, (Left had tool bar)click and pull the top photo into alignment.
You then need to flatten the two images: Layer> Flatten.
I decided to convert my resulting photo to black and white.

And then I cropped it to tighten up the composition. So there it is-a ghost photo to use in your scrapping, or mexed media projects!!

 With many thanks to my model, Louise!!


Virginia said...

Fab stuff - thanks for the tutorial!

Claire said...

What a terrific idea Pam.
Claire xx