Monday, January 19, 2015

January Week 2

So far I am managing to keep up with my arty bits and pieces, except maybe the photography part. But that's as much about the weather as anything else. The weather here has been quite miserable-wet windy and wild- well that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. Plus I back at work, and that eats into most of my day!

I forgot to post this page of my Artfully Inspired Life:

Like most year long projects this one starts with a page about your one little word for the year, and as you know from my last post, my word is Time. Use it usefully and try not to waste too much of it!
I'm not very happy with this page, but that's OK, I am new to this after all. I should have done a little hand drawn illustration rather than use the clock stamps, and I need to cluster my words a little more in the middle.  I can only get better!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Artfully Inspired Life week 1

What a wild weekend we've had weather wise here in Edinburgh. It has been blowing a gale for a few days now-winds up to 90 mph at times, snow yesterday, snow and rain today. All this has meant I have not really been able to get out much, so it has been a bit of an arty weekend for me.

One thing I was working on was my week 1 page of the Artfully Inspired Life course I'm doing this year. I do find the lettering to be a bit of a challenge. I'm not sure I have a wide enough selection of pens yet, so I have to do a lot of filling in with a fine tip pen.
Anyhow here's my page:

The pink  ink used to colour this page is a Dylusions spray paint. The yellow is Caran d'ache new colours.

I chose to write some lines from Sir Walter Scott's poem, 'The Lady of the Loch'. These lines are about Loch Katrine. Last Saturday was an altogether different day-a stunning clear, cold winter's morning and I took my camera and walked at Loch Katrine. Along the way I discovered the loch was the setting for the poem, and also the poem inspired the music for 'Ava Maria". Many painters and writers have been inspired by the beauty of the loch, and to be sure the loch ignited a spark in my soul!

Here are some photos I took at Loch Katrine:

The story: 

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Happy Creative 2015

I'm planning for 2015 to be a  happy creative year for me.

I'm still designing for Merly Impressions. My first project of the year was a 2015 scrapbook using the HELLO TODAY collection from Kaisercrafts. You can see the rest of the album on the Merly blog.
So each month I will be posting at least three scrapbook projects.

I have signed up to Joanne Sharpe's Artfully Inspired Life course. I chose this course as I wanted to work on my lettering skills this year. Here is my first page for 2015:

Although that lettering looks loose and simple, it actually requires quite a bit of planning and concentration. So as a counter to that I am also doing the Documented Life Project. I intend to take a much faster, looser, playful and messy approach to this.

The first prompt for DLP 2015 was to collage book paper onto the page. This year I am going to focus on using time more productively, and that it what this page is about:

I'm also including a monthly calendar in my journal and that is where I will record what happens each month. (Already you can see the influence of Joanne Sharpe's class!)

I'm also hoping to work on taking a more artistic approach to my photography so I've signed up to another course, PhotoArtistry with Sebastian Michaels.

And finally, I'm hoping to play along with Darcy Wilkinson's Calendar Art challenge. I've yet to buy a calendar though.

Oh, and I'm doing a couple of guest spots at Paper Artsy as well!

So all that should mean I DO use my time well-and will hopefully kickstart my creativity! And I intend to blog about it all, so keep on checking back to see how I'm getting on!

Good luck with your creating to-leave me a comment and I'll check back with you too!