Monday, February 16, 2015

Calendar Challenge

So earlier I said I was going to join in Darcy's 2015 Calendar  Challenge, but fell behind on month one! So having a week's holiday has given me a chance to do not only January but February also. If you are not familiar with the calendar challenge, here's how it works:

The rules. 

1. Each month, decorate the picture page of one month. You can also decorate the date/planner bit too if you want to, but you don't have to. You can decorate in any way that you want:
or whatever...

You get the idea, anything goes... however... you must incorporate some part of the original picture... see now why you need to pick one that you like. You can paint,collage,stencil or whatever all over the page, but some original part must remain on show, and be part of your new design. 

2. Each month there will be a technique to incorporate, interpret it any way that you want, with any brand or style. But it must appear somewhere on the page

3. Each month there will be a theme or item of ephemera to include. 

So I'll start with February first, since we are in February now.

The technique was to use cling file or bubble wrap to make a paint effect, and the item to use was corrugated cardboard. Here's my finished page:

The wild flowers are done with painted bubble wrap:

And the sky with crumpled cling film. I used my corrugated card for the cottage roof:

This is the original calendar picture"A Hind's Daughter' by Sir James Guthrie.

My January take on the challenge is somewhat more abstract. The required technique was crackling, and the material to be incorporated was book paper. If you looks closely you can see some text peeking out from some of the stones.

Here's how the calendar looked originally-a painting by Sir David Young Cameron, called 'The Waning Light'. This is a landscape of an area of Scotland called the Trossachs, one of my most favourite places.

I'm sure the curators at the National Galleries of Scotland would be mortified by my desecration of these works of art, but I must say I had a lot of fun doing them! The calendar I chose was 'The Glasgow Boys' from the National galleries.


massofhair said...

Fantastic pages Pam, both have been beautifully altered and i think imho the one with the girl slightly improved with your bright bubble wrap flowers.

The Trossachs are a beautiful part of Scotland, enjoyed visiting Callander and Loch Katrine many years ago. The drive around Loch Lomond is also breathtaking in many ways!

Looking forward to more of your altered calendar pages:-) xxx

Lizzyc said...

That is a very interesting challenge.. but I love your layout with the flowers.. amazing paint work...

Darcy UK said...

Wow such transformations, i would never have guessed what was beneath the Feb one. You got some great creases in the sky, I love that technique. and your flower garden is so pretty. It fits perfectly with the girl, like they were meant to be like that. Really nice crackling on your January page. I seem to be a bit addicted to crackling at the moment.

abby j said...

Your piece of the girl surrounded by flowers is INCREDIBLE!! Love it. The stones are interesting...well done!

abby j said...

Your girl surrounded by flowers is INCREDIBLE...LOVE IT. Your stones piece is interesting...more so when I looked closely at the stones. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Love both of these transformations. Brilliant work.
Thanks for sharing.
Catherine xxx

Kezzy said...

Wow wow wow super stunning pages, they both look awesome. Really love abstract feel of Januarys page and wow the field and sky of Februarys page is gorgeous. Happy Art :-) Kezzy xxx

Jamie Lynn said...

a much happier picture, well done