Monday, February 23, 2015

Paper Artsy

Today I'm showing you a project I recently did for Paper Artsy. If you aren't familiar with Paper Artsy you really should take a look. The blog is full of inspirational projects, and challenges, and the shop has fabulous products, including their own range of stamps, and paints.

Recently the blog project theme was metals, and I decorated a journal cover using cheap aluminium tape from the pound shop. Last year I joined in with the Documented Life project, but I didn't do my cover until the end of the year because I know if I did it in advance it would get very dirty and painty over the year. So anyway, I took the opportunity to decorate my Documented Life journal for the metal theme.

Here's my cover:

Lots of lovely texture and colours:

To see a step by step on how I did the cover, head on over to the Paper Artsy blog here.

1 comment:

massofhair said...

Like your lighter version of this industrial looking technique Pam. Thank you for the tips!

My 2014 DLP journal has fallen out from it's original cover as the pages are too heavily laden. Needs rebinding sometime soon:-) xxx