Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Brushos and Paper Artsy

I've been playing around with Brusho crystals,  as Pigment Powders is the topic presently featuring over at the Paper Artsy blog.

Brushos are coloured powder pigments that are great fun to mess around with.  For these pieces I was using the new Hot Picks 1505 stamp set.

These are the projects that I made for  Paper Artsy. The details of how I made these can be seen on the  Paper Artsy blog:

When I was coming up with these projects for the Paper Artsy blog, I tried all sorts of Brusho techniques. I thought you might like to see some of my experiments.

1. This one was done by spritzing the stamp with water and stamping the water onto the paper. While the water was wet I shook the powder into the wet imprint.

2. Same stamp, but this time I spritzed water onto a craft sheet, and sprinkled the powder onto the craft sheet. Then I picked up the colour on the stamp, and stamped it onto dry paper.

3. Spritzed some water onto paper, and let it dry a little. Then I spritzed the stamp and spindled powder onto the stamp, and stamped into the damp paper.

4. I used embossing inks and stamped the image onto paper. Sprinkled red embossing powder onto the flower, and free embossing powder on the stem and leaves. Heat set the powder, then added a wash of red powder onto the flowers, green onto the stem and leaves, and then blue on the background, with a few sprinkles of powder onto the wet surface.

5. This is the cling film method I describe over on the Paper Artsy Blog, but I first stamped the image onto paper, cut it out, and used the cut out as a mask. I really like this technique, it looks a bit like batik!

Why not get your pigment powders out, get creating, and link up your art work on the Paper Artsy blog for a chance to win a voucher to spend at Paper Artsy.

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Hi Pam. Loved projects on PAblog hugs Deb xx